About The Artist, Jade Dressler

Magical *aha* moments can happen anytime, instantly expand our lives, and open up *a store of infinite possibilities.*

This here *store* is open for biz due to such a moment.  One day, in one magical moment, a friend encouraged my art | passion | in private | quirky habit of drawing amusements | and threw the gauntlet down for me to share my work on Instagram. 

"One picture a day," he said. 

The time had arrived to share what often arose from my private haven of bed | artist studio | sanctuary.  Note: reference to when I am not out and about in my larger home of NYC, sketching fab people...lest you think my days roll on like this:

The surprise challenge and people actually LIKING my pictures has created my version of The Classic *Aha* "Live Your Joy" Story.  The rest, as they say, is Instagram history.

I know its so "New Age-y" to say *Magical Moments When Life Expands* but I stand my ground like an electrical plug into the Earth.

Being open to these moments makes them happen! I am literally *turned on!* When I draw, I really feel illuminated with JOY, giggling, and compelled to illustrate and record all the details of the moment.  I've been creating all my life and making these little sketches along the way, even while doing my "day job" stints as a jewelry designer and a commercial Creative Director in the fashion and music worlds since the 1980's. 

I didn't leave some horrible corporate job for this *aha*, but I've paid my dues...my creative agency has dreamed up and realized creative for luxury lifestyle, pop-culture brands and personalities for almost 10 years.  Based in the most exciting city on the planet, New York City, I still love to create teams which work globally.  I've happily recorded my travels and inspirations in my blog since 2008. Please see my bio, here, for more juicy details.

Yes, that was me you saw on the plane, the girl with the sketchbook vs. Ipad; me sending notes on my phone re: the amazing creature on the avenue, before dashing into a meeting, and me pulling the mini Moleskine out of my handbag in a restaurant to show a friend my little habit.

I always hoped that one day my street style,*magical being* portraits, and sketches would be as thrilling to others as they are to me.  Sometimes while creating, I can feel people enjoying them in the future and I think back to the young girl and teen I was and how I longed to see images like these. 

That's why I am beyond happy to be in this magical moment when I *open up my store of infinite possibilities* and share some of my work to see where you will be inspired to go from your visit!  Thank you for visiting!

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    This planet is full of fascinating magical people, places, and things that make me high.
    They make me laugh.
    They make me cry.
    They make me make art.
    O JOY!
    If I can bring that *fascination | laugh | cry* high to anyone, well, that makes me high.
    Thank you for visiting, let me know if I got you high today.



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