Magical BEINGS: Portraits of Artists, Friends, + Pioneers: Caitlyn Jenner, Anna Wintour, Beyonce

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3 for the Front Row. The Lion Queens.

Meeeow! All hail the Queens I would love in the front row for my New York Fashion Week show!

Caitlyn Jenner, Anna Wintour, and Beyonce make a nice trio of Kittens for the Catwalk!

The inspiration began with Anna and her iconic, yogic Eagle pose she curls into when in the front row.

As prime eagle eye of the fashion industry, her pose is perfection!  Beside her famous dark glasses, and Egyptian coif, she repeatedly sports simple golden lizard kitten heels.

I was struck how this pose reminded me of my favorite guardians in New York City, the row of Sahkmet goddesses at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Cat Goddess Sahkmet

Caitlyn came next…who else will be the Star of NY Fashion Week 2015?  She declined to walk the runway and I don’t know if she is attending, however, this lioness deserves to lounge on the front row. The “Hello Kitty” on her dress was not planned…I just heard it in my head after drawing Caitlyn as a large kitty. In part this is due to the “Call Me Caitlyn” greeting that forevermore will be her mantra.

My image of her was also inspired, of course, by her Vanity Fair cover…


…and this behind-the-scenes portrait, which I love for her soft look on her face.


Beyonce is #3 Goddess, just for her bouncy all-around, wholesome goodness.  That’s 95% of the crowd at Fashion Week and her golden dress and tresses from photos inspired her innocent “Me! Wow” meow comment.

The image of serene Beyonce while North West wailed was my starting point as I love her golden, ego-less, not-my-kid, put-a-drink-on-it, Lioness image:

Beyonce in the Front Row

On top of it all, the way each person rarely relates to the other, and affects an isolated “game-face” while sitting in the front row is as endlessly fascinating (sometimes more than) what pads by on the runway.

Today is the opening day of NY Fashion Week 2015…let’s see if this trio of Lion Queens becomes catwalk history!

NYFW- 3-for-the-Front-Row-Jade-Dressler

You can buy a print of this sassy catwalk illustration by Jade Dressler here.

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