Stefano Tonchi

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Stefano Tonchi

Stefano Tonchi

Perhaps like you, I attach great significance when my path crosses someone that I greatly admire, as a star.  With millions trodding the must mean something? Oui???

For me, Stefano Tonchi, W magazine editor-in-chief, is one such "magical being." He exudes elegance and his imaginative vision has propelled the NY Times "T" magazine and more recently W magazine.  I love his thoughtful commentary and his art-world-smart editorial lead.

I've crossed paths three times so far with this STAR.

#1  He entered the Mercer Hotel lounge in NYC where I was having a meeting, he simply sat and waited for his party while I sweated and wondered if I should say hi like a fan.  I didn't.

#2  I was walking up Park Avenue, texting a friend about the charming, by chance, street encounter with her mother earlier that day as she came back from art class with a canvas under her arm.  A man got out of a car to enter a building, and suddenly Stefano Tonchi was inches from me, crossing my path.  "Hi Stefano, it's Jade!" I cried, making up for the #1 missed opportunity.  He smiled back and said hi...and I was on a HIGH!

#3  Seated in a busy Chelsea resto for a breakfast meeting, in walks Stefano, his trademark scarf brushing my arm as he past.  "hi..iiii..." I tried as he passed, thrilled just to have a #3.

My dream is to illustrate for W magazine. If that amazement happens, you will find me splayed out on the ground in total, rapturous joy.  VERY HIGH.

Thank you Stefano for inspiring me!  Hire me! Higher me!




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This planet is full of fascinating magical people, places, and things that make me high.
They make me laugh.
They make me cry.
They make me make art.
If I can bring that *fascination | laugh | cry* high to anyone, well, that makes me high.
Thank you for visiting, let me know if I got you high today.



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