Pocahontas of Native America

$ 40.00 $ 75.00
Pocahontas of Native America
In support of Standing Rock,
we are offering the 8" X 10" version of our Pocahontas portrait for reduced price of $45. (usually $75.) with $10. from every purchase sent to
What a beautiful way to support the protestors standing for clean earth and water for all. 
Note:  We print with Duggal, noted for their sustainability practices.  Make sure you choose the version marked "Special for Standing Rock."

HER FAVORITE QUOTE ABOUT HERSELF:  “Not much is known about this memorable woman”        Unknown  

HER STORY IN THE ETERNAL MOMENT OF NOW:   A Star is born. They told her heroine story everywhere, even Disney did her. The portrayal of Pocahontas takes her star from sweet, playful daughter of a king as the root of American wilderness, to marrying a settler, to engravings of her in royal ruffs as the invited guest to the European courts of nobility ... her legacy is that of a peacemaker and an intermediary between Earth and her settlers.

Her real name was “Matoaka” which meant "flower between two streams." Her given Christian name, Rebecca, may have been a symbolic gesture to Rebecca of the Book of Genesis of the who was the mother of two "nations", or distinct peoples, as Pocahontas bridged the worlds of the original inhabitants of the Americas with the newcomers.  Or a “re-beckoning” as this gate of The 9 Star Passport is the spring season, the east direction, the element wood and the color green.   Her later assumed name was “Rebecca Filia Potentiss”  perhaps as in Goddess of Potential, a potent, having great power, influence, or effect, nice words for our first energy center to roots, family and community.  Both perfect metaphors for the first root chakra, geographically located at a point between our sit bones, the center balance point between the two sides of the body.  Her mountain camellia flower sits at her heart, also monitoring two streams as the next level root chakra between the lower half of the body and that which rises from the root of the heart.


She’s listening as a dreamcatcher, the word in Ojibwe is the inanimate form of the word for "spider.”  Pocahontas was also a Daddy’s little girl, the favored princess daughter of her father, the King. The love bond between them was very strong which enabled her to be an energetic cord of communication binding us to the planet, earth, our family roots, the in-born DNA of our reason for being along with a king’s civility and peacemaking power.  In a sense, knowing ones roots are about relationship and LOVE, the starting point for end point, the same as #9 chakra, we always return to LOVE, just expanded.


FUTURE ANCIENT SIREN SONG FOR YOU: Feeling anxious, on the run and unrooted?

Evoke Pocahontas ~ In The 9 Stars Passport she is the first chakra, ROOT. From running free and naked as a child, to being a multi-cultural emissary between Native Americans to visiting Europe’s royal courts, her legacy is for us to remember both the roots of our free childhood in Earth’s nature and our ability to spin out our own precious webs of connection, influence, and legacy to invent new creative cultures from there.  


HEAR HER, SNIFF HER, SENSE HER: in your body, listen to your body, listen to your breath. The desire to pamper oneself, hide in one’s man or gal cave, turn to family or community or even eat some mashed potatoes is the sacred “medicine” of grounding with the Earth calling.




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