Goddess Coloring Book Cover Art for Immortal Beloved

$ 75.00
Goddess Coloring Book Cover Art for Immortal Beloved

Imagine. There you are, packing for a journey to a far, far away land … suddenly a whiff, an exotic, heady scent beckons. You PAUSE. Breathing deep of the perfume inside, you touch desire and taste vast, sweet freedom all at once.

Why Goddesses?

“Either to your chagrin or delight, being of divine descent and having immortality rarely prescribes manners or competency.  In several cases, it has the opposite effect, leaving the character way too much time on their hands in order to mess around.”                             
Honey-chan, Blogger, on Honeyfeed Blog on Anime

Where Does Perfume Come From? Where Does Art Come From?

Why Perfume and Art Together?

“Everything ~form, color, number, perfume~ in the spiritual as well as in the natural world is meaningful, reciprocal, converse, and correspondent...” Poet, Baudelaire

Why Imagine Goddesses by Coloring?

"Indulging the senses, inspired by the Earth's sweet scent is what you hold in your hand ~ a ritual link between the oldest art on Earth, ancient cave imaginings of the goddess; thru temple tributes to Japanese anime; to the newest expression: adult coloring books where one can trace the outlines of goddess identity and color and create to their heart's content."
Illustrator, Jade Dressler

What is "The World's First Goddess Perfume + Coloring Book?"

Inspired by myths and stories of goddesses from every part of our planet and beyond,  Brooklyn’s House of Cherry Bomb perfumers, master perfumer, Maria McElroy and Alexis Karl, filmmaker, Metropolitan Museum of Art Lecturer were in their Brooklyn atelier crafting the reincarnation of their Immortal Beloved perfume…

Meanwhile, Jade Dressler, creative director and illustrator, had begun a series of new visions of goddesses, imagining what we ALL can call our belonging, our “Immortal Mine.”

A few eons and elixirs later, together they are launching Immortal Mine, The World’s First Goddess Perfume + Coloring Book to inspire the next era of goddesses.   

This color cover, featuring a sassy goddess riding high on her DNA, selfie-snapping and orchestrating rave-worthy light shows, will make any wall smile.

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