El Sirena of Spain

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El Sirena of Spain


“what does "el sirena" mean in spanish? I found it in a cell phone of my sons as a contact number.”



A young girl named Sirena decides to swim instead of doing the chores her mother assigned to her, and her mother cursed her and turned her into a fish!  To her crying mother on the shore, she calls up sweetly, “Oh Nana, do not worry about me, for I am a mistress of the sea, which I love so much.”

As a child, we approach the waters, like reverent infanta nobility in stiff form as painted by Goya. Sure as tides change us as adolescents, our emotions release, boundaries blur and swim us in passions.   Like the undulating waves in the sea, Spanish dancers wear the “traje de gitana,” the  outfit of the Gypsies, where fabric gathers to release ruffles to play with light and shadow to conjure the movement of our desires.


HER FUTURE ANCIENT SIREN SONG FOR YOU:  The 3rd chakra is the “urge to merge and emerge”...it’s our solar plexus center of nerves, sensors to how we naturally source and have compassion or not for the central essence of the source, the sun of ourselves and the sun of other beings.  Sometimes, above the sea’s surface, we make their own waves, fighting outwardly with bulls or inwardly with our pain, either way we row the boat forward.  Under the sea, the astral dream world of the 2nd chakra, mirrors the surface, and yet only referencing it by symbols. La Sirena sings a siren call, luring us lose ourselves in her vastness, feel her through our tears of compassion and learn to emerge shining. Into the next chakra, the 4th, the heart.


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This planet is full of fascinating magical people, places, and things that make me high.
They make me laugh.
They make me cry.
They make me make art.
If I can bring that *fascination | laugh | cry* high to anyone, well, that makes me high.
Thank you for visiting, let me know if I got you high today.



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