Courtney Love

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Courtney Love

I took this photograph of Courtney Love in Paris during the couture shows.  She was basking in golden celebrity and camera flashes.  She fascinates as she spirals in and out of the Light and seeks the camera's gaze. The top half of my illustration of her had to be this image...

Courtney Love Paris

...and the bottom half emerged when I discovered her "comeback" role in the hit television show, Empire‬ as an aged torch singer.  The sweet, innocence of Courtney's own Spring-evoking cherry blossom tattoos made their way to the fur coat she wears for her guest appearance. (Note the tossed fur on the floor)
Of course, I added those to this illustration!

Courntey Love in Empire

Look at her stance! 

Her head tilts like a puppy when it wants Love on repeat.  I realized that was the allure of that Paris photo.  Here back in the day:

Courtney Love

Here on her video Doll Parts, she sings, "Some day you will ache like me. Yeah they really want you,They really want you, They really do, And yeah they really want you,
They really want you, But I do too."  Perhaps in part sung to Kurt Cobain, and in part to her own soul.

Courtney Love

The tilt changes in Empire, but oh, isn't that delicious too?

Courntey Love, Empire

Courtney's play with the light and fame is fascinating. She is our #‎rocknroll‬ ‪#‎queen‬ for her #‎comebacks‬ and #‎raw‬ ‪#‎passion‬. 

The sense that her path is wisely orchestrated is perhaps part of the LOVE.
The Magic.

Courtney Love


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