Goths in Gotham.

$ 75.00

It was the Spring after designer Rick Owens shocked/not shocked the world by designing clothes with strategic holes to reveal a man's bare-naked crown jewels. The latest turn for a designer known for dark, androgynous, gothic, subtly futuristic clothing. I love it.

And then, in the course of one day, I saw three genderless 'people' sporting a head to toe Rick Owens vibe. The Goths had arrived in Gotham.

Rick Owens 1 + 2

"8am Central Park. Goth early adopter on motorized unicycle whizzes by on the open road, way before we all have wheels for feet."

Midday on Madison Avenue, as I walked to a meeting, this tall black bird Goth sailed passed me and punctuated the crowd at something like 7 feet tall, as far as I could see. Was it a man? Was it a woman? Human or Alien? From the Samurai knot hairdo to the flowing 'wings' to the space-boot Oxford floating feet...impossible to identify.

Madison Avenue will never be the same. Thankfully.

Click. click. Ha. ha. ha. 8pm, I am laughing and toasting with my good friend at Jacques sidewalk bistro in Nolita, as I show him my Rick Owens sketches of the day. 

Impossibly, Goth #3 sails by...from top-knot to toe, a swish-swashbuckling, veiled being in Rick Owens swaddling.

I miss the open pants. Sure enough, my male friend does not. "If I had pearls I would drop and collect them." Yep, it was our first puerile pleasure spotting a real Rick Owens p-hole in action...from runway to reality. Full Frontal Fashion.

This is an important trend. Keep your eyes peeled for it. It will not disappoint.


Decor Tip:  These are a series of four prints that may be framed separately or together.

This film strip of this historic day is best displayed far from children or childish adults until they are old enough to understand the concept and import of dangling 'ding-a-lings' in public.









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