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Like "Bennifer" and "Kimye" before them, "FKA Twilight" is the name I give to the couple, one part the singer named FKA Twigs, and part two, the actor, Robert Pattison, most famous for Twilight.

FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs is a modern mythmaker, I’ve fully thrilled to her music and visuals way before I caught the Robert Pattison of Twilight thrill and fandom.  As I see it, he being the boyfriend of FKA Twigs, this upped his creds and they are photographed everywhere now.

FKA Twigs

With someone like FKA Twigs, it's easy to imagine her creativity inspires as a force, you can feel that Robert is under its spell.

When you see images of them, they are thoroughly in LOVE. Attuned to each other.  It’s said that her music inspires his music.

When I first thought of them, I heard “Greek vase” in my head, I wasn’t sure why, until I began researching, drawing, and and dreampt the aspects of this kind of love.


Mythological aspects of Robert’s immortal vampire with animal desires in Twilight, his classic “Greek” profile face, and this kind of warrior protection he seems to offer FKA inspired my illustration.


Without intending it, their bodies interacting became the larger face of FKA Twigs.  As her image morphs in every video, (inspiring so many imitators!), the morphing quality of this illustration seemed apt with all the mystery and transformation surrounding these two!




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