Abundantia of Italy

$ 75.00
Abundantia of Italy

What ya see is what ya get...and it's not about where you've been, but rather where you are GOING.
Unknown Italian Mogul


Roman’s roaming, spiraling goddess, Abundantia lives the La Dolce Vita! Invented in Rome, the central crossroads of global culture, too much is never enough for her!  She gives the gift of life and abundance through her creative touch, like a plump ripe fruit, a city full of art and triumph, and like the wind gives life to a woven silk scarf fabric square, unfurling it, lifting up full of new ideas.

Her essence is considered a Roman virtue conjuring "Abundance, Plenty," the ideal of enough food and prosperity for all segments of society.  Abundantia plays a role in the ancient myth of the river god, whose horns was torn from his forehead by Hercules. The horn was taken up by the Naiaids and transformed into the cornucopia that was then gifted to Abundantia, according to the poet Ovid.  These guys are always giving their ribs, horns etc. to the girls no wonder Italy is so sexy!

HER FUTURE ANCIENT SIREN SONG FOR YOU: “CREATE!” sings the song of the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus of nerves in our body, our gut, and where we digest the world and put our spin on it our way. Amply feeding the brilliant actors, artists, designers, chefs, musicians, fashionistas, business moguls, lovers, throughout Italy’s history-making song, Abundantia enters homes during the night, lighting up and outlining the borders of our dreams to invite prosperity.

Well-heeled, wafts of future vision always breeze through the mind of Italy’s creators, in concert with the past, the gifts of the land, and Abundantia’s horn of plenty spilling over with gold coins.  If you pay “Attenzione!” and see the hidden Sistine Chapel, Sophia, Fellini, Gucci, di Chirico, and futurist painting winks I put in Abundantia’s illustration and coloring book page, so much the better!

sister on the sistine chapel

Sophia Loren


Italian futurists


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