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A NYC playground.  A tiny being stood overdressed in a large hooded pink snow coat, alone on the sidelines, while the other kids played in the warm Fall afternoon, without coats.

Solo Nerd in Love

Nerd Alone Needing Love.

I saw a metaphor for this "terrorized" world in this pink-clad child on the sidelines. I've been that nerd. We all have. I also suddenly realized that the only reason anyone ever hurts and goes on in anger to terrorize someone or something else is because they have been that nerd too.  Somewhere in time, a thought cloud of that past identification of "outsider" or "less than" becomes the rage, fear, or panic of the present moment rather than a positive, creative exploration for a solution.

Nerd meets Nerd

Nerd Meets Nerd.

Loving our own nerds and the nerdness of others seems to be a radical, brave, and vulnerable thing to do.  So to help everyone along, I present the very instructional, "go-in-any-order" 9 stages of Nerds in Love.  So you can recognize love when it comes to you in the form of a nerd.  Or sometimes you feel like a Nerd and might desire another Nerd.  Easy-to-follow guide, global language, no app necessary.

I hope it makes you smile and get creative!

Stage 1, Nerd Alone Needing Love and Stage 2, Nerd Meets Nerd are above. 

Stage 3 is next.

Nerd Vulnerability

Nerd Helps Nerd. 

Vulnerability breeds Compassion in Stage 3. 

Which can lead to Stage 4,

Nerds in a sleeping bag

Nerds Cuddling in a Sleeping Bag

Stage 5 is noted as when the sleeping bag tosses and turns due to,

Nerds making love

 Nerds Making Love

In Stage 6 the Lovemaking is over, and the Nerd cannot believe how great that was and splays out on the ground in Shavasana, the yoga pose of surrender.  The Wisdom of doing nothing, no reaction, just floating.

Nerd in Shavasana

Nerd in Shavasana

By Stage 7, each Nerd feels like they can fly, the love of another Nerd allows them to FLY.

Nerd Bird


Winged Nerd

In Stage 8, the Nerds exhibit full-on Nerd Communion and people think they are especially ridiculous.  Doesn't matter, they are stronger now in their Nerdhood.

Nerds in Love

Nerds in Love

By Stage 9 the Nerds regularly take flight and become the Stars they really are.

Nerd Flying

 Nerds are Stars

Thus this print of the thought trips we take in our minds, pacing, bubbling between visual and visceral memories.  The overview of LOVE is always helpful and I hope this print makes people LOVE the Nerd for a little more peace on this thought bubble of Earth.

I will make the individual prints available soon!




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